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Should You Size Up or Down in Shapewear?

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We all have that one dress or outfit we adore but would love even more if it complimented our figure. One solution many have found is that of body shapewear. While shopping, many have asked themselves: should you size up or down in shapewear?

Myths About Shapewear Sizing

There are many myths about shapewear sizing. Some say that because it compresses fat into muscle tissue, you want to go a size up, while others claim that to achieve the best slimming effect, you want to go a size down.

Depending on how you look at these, they both can make sense. However, both of these myths are just that – myths.

Problems with Sizing Down

Many believe that sizing down in shapewear is a must to optimize the compression, thus slimming the silhouette. This, however, is untrue and can yield the opposite effect.

If you size down in shapewear, you risk causing unsightly bumps and pinching that disrupt rather than enhance the silhouette. This is, of course, before potential problems involving breathing and motion restriction along with acid reflux.

Buying a size down is truly a faux pas for both your look and your health.

Problems with Sizing Up

While sizing up in shapewear doesn’t cause the discomfort and health issues associated with going a size down, it still has its issues.

Wearing shapewear that is too big will do nothing. The slimming lycra is supposed to hug (but not squeeze!) your body. This simply doesn’t happen if you buy shapewear that’s too big. It’ll simply be adding another layer to your wardrobe and wasting money.

Wear the Right Size Instead of Going a Size Up or Down in Shapewear

Avoid these shapewear pitfalls by buying the correct size. Usually, going with your dress size or clothing size is good enough. If you’re a medium in a tank, you’d be a medium in a shaper cami.

To get more accurate sizing, you can always measure the area you’re shaping. Measurements will correspond with different sizes. This is especially a good method if your top and bottom are different sizes.

Luckily Rago, a manufacturer of vintage shapewear we partner with, has an in-depth sizing chart to help you with your shapewear needs.


Best Shapewear to Wear?

Now that you know what size you need to wear, you may wonder what shapewear is best for you. It all depends on the situation. Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Body Shapewear for a complete guide on how to wear different garments.

If you’re specifically looking for formal shapewear, we invite you to read Body Shapewear for Backless Dresses or Which Body Shapewear is Best for Wedding Dresses? Our top brands for such occasions are Dominique, Va Bien, or  Carnival, for affordable options.

Looking for an everyday look? Try the vast catalogs of DNKY Intimates, Leonisa, or Natori, which have the benefits of being versatile and affordable.

Don’t Wear a Size Up or Down in Shapewear

Now that you know the golden rule of wearing body shapewear, wear the correct size – you can go forth with confidence in your curves! Mind your health and comfort without compromising style, and check out our vast inventory for shapewear as unique as you!