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Comprehensive Guide on How to Wear Body Shapewear

Body shapewear is finally in vogue for a great many women. It’s easy to see why – it emphasizes an hourglass silhouette and smooths the tummy and thighs. Where so many are wearing shapewear to become more confident and are open about it, it has many lay women wondering exactly how to wear body shapewear.

How to Wear Body Shapewear

What is Body Shapewear?

Before we discuss how to wear body shapewear and how to care for it, we should review what body shapewear is. It’s a type of garment with control features that allow you to smooth and flatten areas of concern. 

They come in wide varieties, including slips, shorts, skirts, girdles, tops, and full-body girdles. These each have their own benefits and types of outfits they complement. Control underwear is perfect for jeans, where shorts provide the perfect shape under a bodycon dress or skirt. Mid-section girdles boast versatility, which will be detailed later in this article.

No matter which type of shapewear and outfit you choose, there are a few rules that apply to all of them. These rules list everything from safety to cleaning and everything in between.

How to Wear Body Shapewear with the Perfect outfit?

Choose shapewear articles that pair perfectly with your outfit.

Shapewear Panty

A versatile garment that fits perfectly under anything. Whether it’s your favorite jeans or a sexy short dress, it will flatten your stomach and be smoothly hidden when worn with hip slits and fitted to your thighs.

Shapewear Shorts

Shorts are perfect for controlling your tummy and thighs. While worn with pants or shorts, it may cause unsightly bumps, but it’s perfect for skirts and dresses of any fit.


Shapewear dresses or slips are best suited to snug or loose-fit short dresses. However, bodycon dresses may be too tight should the slip ride up and create rolls.


Tops are best fitted under, well, tops. Whether it’s a blouse or a fitted tee, these tops will provide control of your mid-section and support your breasts. 


There are two types of girdles. Mid-section girdles flatten the stomach and can be worn under almost any article of clothing. The full body girdle controls the thighs, midsection, breasts, and sometimes even the arms. They fit nicely under dresses and jumpsuits. 

How to Wear Body Shapewear Safely?

Safety is paramount in all things. This includes fashion. While body shapewear does not have the same risks associated with it as other shaping garments in history, there are still some rules you should follow.

The first rule is to ensure you only wear it for 8 hours at a time. This reduces the chance of organ and muscle strain while allowing for easy breathing. While wearing it longer occasionally won’t cause problems, if worn longer than 8 hours at a time routinely, it can cause issues.

The next important rule is to wear shapewear that fits comfortably. While it should compress areas of concern, it shouldn’t restrict your breathing or make you feel as if it’s crushing you. Buy the proper size and try it on to ensure it fits properly.

The final rule is to buy the right shapewear for you. If you are pregnant, it’s best to purchase maternity shapewear that is safe for both you and the fetus. If you’re wearing shapewear during a workout, it’s best to buy an athletic garment.

Cleaning Body Shapewear

All lingerie, including shapewear, should be washed on the delicate cycle. Most should be done with cold water, and many require hang or tumble dry. To be certain, always check the washing instructions on the label.

Now You Know How to Wear Body Shapewear and Care for it

Now that you know the rules, the last thing to do is choose the shapewear that best suits you!