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Which Body Shapewear for Wedding Dress is the Best?

Which Body Shapewear for Wedding Dress is the Best

It’s your big day. You’ve got everything figured out from your hair to your dress, leaving you with one question: which body shapewear for a wedding dress is the best?

Many don’t think about what goes underneath their dream dress, but it is just as important as the dress itself as it can add confidence or comfort.  Whether it’s bridal lingerie or sleek shapewear you want something that will make you feel truly radiant.

Body Shapewear for Wedding Dress Requires Key Considerations

When choosing shapewear to go underneath your dress there are three aspects you must consider:

  1. What is the silhouette of your wedding dress?
  2. What is the neckline of your dress?
  3. How much leg is showing?

When buying body shapewear for wedding dresses these questions are key. A Victorian-style bustier may not be ideal for a tight-fitting dress, or shorts might not work for a dress with a slit up to the hip.

When trying on shapewear consider these factors and when possible, try it on with your wedding dress so you have an idea of how it’ll look.

So Which Body Shapewear for a Wedding Dress is the best?

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of bridal shapewear suited to a variety of dress features. While reading through this list, it’s important to remember that it is not exhaustive but rather a collection of suggestions, so bear in mind your comfort, style, and visibility.

If one of these suggested items is close, but not quite right, we have several similar items. We’ve broken them down into types as well.


A bustier compresses the middle while lifting the bust. They are best for strapless dresses with high waists as they stop just before the last ribs.

Best Bustier for Full Coverage

Goddess Bridal Lace Bustier

This lacy bustier covers the bust completely with medium tummy control. Can be worn with strapless or spaghetti strap dresses and boat necks, and full coverage sweetheart necklines.

Compression: Medium

Colors: White, Black

Price: $59.00

Best Bustier for Backless Dresses

Va Bien Backless Strapless Bustier

Enjoy Romantic looking and sleek shapewear beneath your dress with this smooth, ivory bustier.

Colors: Ivory, White, Black

Compression: Firm

Price: $70.00

Torsolettes and Brasselettes

Torsolettes are similar to bustiers but cover the entire torso giving the wearer a much-desired hourglass figure. Brasselettes are shorter than torsolettes but longer than bustiers. These garments tend to be thinner and are great for both natural and dropped waist dresses.

Best Torsolette for Strapless with a Natural Waist

Dominique Satin and Lace Torsolette

This gorgeous torsolette is perfect for sweetheart necklines and natural or dropped waist dresses. Have the figure of your dreams with the luxurious feel of satin.

Colors: White, Black

Compression: Medium

Price: $82.00

Best Brasselette for Plunging Necklines and Low Back

Carnival Invisible Silhouette Maker

Romantic satin brasselette is perfect for a classic bridal look suited to plunging necklines, off the shoulder and sweetheart necklines with flared and sheathed dresses. Sheer enough to be worn under any dress.

Colors: White, Ivory, Black, and Nude.

Compression: Firm

Price: $78.00


Girdles are shapewear that controls the tummy. This means you can slim your stomach while wearing your favorite bra with your dream dress.

Best Girdle

Cortland Intimates Open Bottom Girdle

This sheer girdle is nigh invisible beneath your dress and is perfect for most waistlines and flared or slim dresses. Diagonal bands shape the hips and stomach for your dream figure under your dream dress.

Colors: White, Black

Compression: Medium

Price: $39.00


Garters hold stockings in place at the thigh and clip to a garter belt which shapes the hips and lower belly. These are great for most dress types, especially for winter brides who may want to wear stockings for warmth.

Best Garter

Rago Six Strap Garter Belt Medium Shaping

This garter belt is thin and climbs above the navel controlling both the stomach and the hips.

Colors: White, Black

Compression: Medium

Price: $42.00

Find the Best Body Shapewear for Wedding Dress

At the end of the day, the best body shapewear for wedding dresses is the one that makes you feel amazing. Consider the lines, material, neck and back openings among other factors to help make your decision.

Find your dream shapewear to go under your dream dress on the big day.