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How to Choose and Use Shapewear?

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Shapewear is an excellent solution to looking and feeling your best in your favorite outfits. However, shapewear comes in various types that work for different concerns and styles. There are also many misconceptions about how to wear shapewear that we hope to dispel. Let this article be your guide on how to choose and use shapewear.

The Basics of How to Choose and Use Shapewear

A good shaping garment works by compressing fat into muscle tissue, giving you a smooth silhouette under your clothing. Along with smoothing stubborn body rolls, many pieces also provide a lift to areas of concern, such as the breasts and buttocks, giving you the much-coveted hourglass figure.

There are different articles to address concerns and blend with your unique style. Shaper leggings and camis can be worn as clothing, while shaper shorts, briefs, slips, and girdles work their magic under the dress. Simply choose what’s best for your outfit and concern.

How to Choose Shapewear?

“Simply” may not be the word to use if you’re new to shapewear. There are a variety of options, each with its advantages and drawbacks. You want something suited to both your purposes and body type.

Try on your shapewear with the outfits you’re likely to wear them with. This ensures that you achieve the flattering look you want. Trying on shapewear will also ensure comfort and avoid unsightly bumps caused by a poor fit.

Speaking of Poor fit, Let’s Discuss How to Use Shapewear

Shapewear works by compressing fat tissue. Because of this, there are many considerations to look at. There are the bumps that come with when sizing down, but there are more serious problems that come from ill-fitting shapewear.

When these garments are too tight, you can develop issues such as gastric reflux, headaches, and dizziness. It’s important to ensure that your piece fits comfortably. Yes, it will compress the parts of your body, but if you have trouble breathing or feel your circulation is affected, it’s too small.

Once you’ve determined the right size, you need to make sure you don’t wear them too long. Medical experts say shapewear is fine to wear for most people, but you shouldn’t exceed eight hours.

Wearing shapewear daily is also not advisable. It heightens the risks of developing UTIs, yeast and bladder infections, as well as GI issues. If you are prone to GI, bowel, or urinary tract issues, you should wear them no more frequently than once or twice a week.

If you’re pregnant, it’s imperative to wear maternity shapewear and consult with your doctor. Anita has an expansive and affordable collection of nursing bras and maternity shaping bottoms. 

Our Comprehensive Guide to Body Shapewear provides everything you need to determine the best type of shapewear for you and how to best determine its fit.

Now You Know How to Choose and Use Shapewear

There are some specific things to understand when it comes to how to choose and use shapewear, but you don’t need an advanced degree in textiles to wear the shapewear that works best for you. For more information about how to choose and use shapewear, you’re more than welcome to visit our blog.