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Why Is It So Hard to Lose Back Fat?

Many people are very concerned about back fat and feel like there is nothing they can do to get rid of it. Luckily, with a mixture of eating healthy and exercise, back fat can be eliminated. But, why is it so hard to lose? Here are some reasons why:

# Your back is the first place that you gain weight

# The muscles under the back fat are very thin which it makes it harder to lose fat

# Your back has the largest amount of fat cells

Tips for using shapewear and hiding back fat

Shapewear can instantly make you feel better about your back fat and slim your overall appearance. This, however, will only work if you utilize shapewear properly. Next time you pick up a piece of shapewear to help reduce the appearance of your back fat, make sure to keep these simple tips in mind:


  • Buy the size that fits

Buying shapewear that doesn’t fit will not help you lose that extra back fat or make you appear any thinner. It could actually make your back fat stand out even more and cause unflattering bulges in the back region. Make sure to keep that in mind next time you are out shopping for shapewear. A good tip is to make sure you get sized.

  • Get fitted

If you are unsure of your size of shapewear and what will work best for you, you have the option of getting fitted. It is important to wear a size that you have been fitted for.

  • Wear full coverage clothing

You can pair your favourite piece of shapewear for your back bulges with a nice outfit providing full coverage. This reduces all of those extra hemlines and will make your body appear naturally smoother.

  • Choose smoothing shapewear

Smoothing shapewear can work magic underneath clothing. It especially is very useful for those with those extra back fat bulges. Smoothing shapewear can flatten any problem area and create a smooth surface for clothing to lay against.

Benefits of shapewear for back fat

Research has proven that there are many benefits of shapewear on all areas of the body, including the back. Some benefits of shapewear for the back include:

  • Benefits in appearance

Wearing shapewear helps to smooth out those unwanted bulges giving a smooth appearance.

  • Improves postural back muscles

The elasticity of shapewear provides compression to the back, helping to improve on and create a firmer posture.

  • Self esteem/confidence

Not only does shapewear play a role in your overall appearance, but it also affects your attitude and the way you feel. Research shows that most women who utilize shapewear feel more encouraged and motivated to pursue a healthy diet and try to lose weight.

  • Helps in weight loss

Another huge benefit to using shapewear is that it helps in weight loss. Shapewear fabric is made up of silicone or another type of breathable fabric which when you move, the material creates friction against the areas it is touching, causing them to sweat. Pairing this up with a healthy diet can help a woman lose weight instantly.