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Choosing the perfect shapewear can be quite a difficult task with all of the styles and shapes on the market today. Each style serves a different purpose and function, and it is important to understand this so that you can choose what is right for you. Below are some of the most popular styles of shapewear and their functions. This will help you to determine what style of shapewear you will need.

Control Cami Tops

These control Cami style tops are perfect for women that want to slim down their tummies. They also help to streamline the breasts. They can be worn underneath tops or dresses as they are seam-free.

Targeted compression supports your underbust.


You can easily attach this around your waist area around your normal undergarments. It helps for a firm fit and pulls everything in. This shapewear style is often worn by the Kardashian sisters. There are clip on corsets or pull up corsets on the market. The pull up corsets should be worn under tight fitting clothes as they are more invisible.

Control Tights

These tights are not worn underneath clothes, but as a clothing item. They help to tuck in and slim the thighs, bum and tummy. They look great when worn with a nice top or even a dress.

This leggings by Lysse has a signature tummy control to slim, smooth, and shape.


Here is a bodysuit style shapewear that’s great for tummy control and also helps slim out the thigh section. You can wear a bra underneath them or can even find singlets sold with bras already inserted. They come in different styles, some very tight fitting for a slimmer look and some with a looser fit.

The perfect silhouette has never been so close! Leonisa body shaper.

Body Shapers

This is best for those women who are looking for some coverage in the breast area. They help to keep the abdominal section slim and tight looking, while also providing for some coverage for the breasts.

Control Pants

Control Pants are underwear style shapewear, perfect for those women who want to have some control in their tummies and waist. These are worn as underwear and you do not have to add any layers under your outfit.

The control pants allows you to wear light colored or fitted pants that you might have avoided.

Arm Shaper

Many women are very self-conscious about extra fat in their arms. This is a great piece of shapewear that can help you get more defined looking arms under your outfit. You can wear this under a top or even on its own as a top. You can still fit a bra underneath.

This arm shaper is perfect to wear for post-surgical arm procedures or to slim your arms.

Half Slips

These slips are perfect to wear under a dress or a skirt. They are mostly worn for good tummy control and also for a slim looking waist. Most women find these very comfortable and wear them often.

As you can see, there are many different styles and types of shapewear out on the shelves today. Finding the perfect shapewear can be tough, but they all do a great job and will have you feeling and looking fabulous!