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What Shapewear is the Best for Tummies?

Keeping a flat tummy is one of the hardest things for a woman to do. Often women spend countless hours in the gym and try to diet in order to maintain and slim down their tummies. If you are not happy with your tummy – no need to worry. Shapewear can be worn to help smooth out any imperfections leaving you feeling very confident. Below are some of the best styles of shapewear that target the tummy/abdominal area.

Spanx Camisole

Spanx is a style of shapewear found in many women’s closets. Spanx can help to suck everything in, leaving you feeling and looking fabulous in your outfit. Spanx companies have now designed a Spanx camisole, designed specifically to target the tummy/abdominal area. It helps to suck in the tummy, and also to smooth out your back. It is very tight fitting but comfortable to wear. The camisole comes in a variety of colors and materials, perfect to suit your every need. What is great about this style of shapewear is it fits very nice, so that it is not noticeable under clothing. It does not interfere with the bra section and fits perfectly underneath. You can also use it to add some extra cleavage. It’s a win-win situation!

Sexy, stretchy spaghetti straps look great layered under clingy, sheer tops. Camisole by MeMoi

Shaping Tank Tops/T-Shirts

A new style of shapewear on the market is the slimming/shaping tank tops and t-shirts. These are designed to be worn as a piece of clothing, rather than under clothing. These shirts are designed to wear as an outfit while helping to slim the tummy area. The fit is tight, yet it doesn’t cling on to extra fat in your tummy area. These new styles of shapewear come in many different colors and styles. This style that is just being tested out. So far, women are experiencing good results with them, but feel that they don’t offer as much tummy control as other shapewear designed to wear underneath clothing.

A perfect staple for every woman’s wardrobe and also a great maternity top for, during, and after pregnancy! Basic Shaping Tank by Skinny Tees

Shaping Up Thong

This is a tummy shapewear worn on the bottom of the body. It is a piece of underwear that goes all the way up the midsection for good tummy control. While giving good control on the tummy, it also adds some extra control at the hips. These thongs are great under dresses as they are easily hidden without showing any lines. This piece of shapewear is more for function rather than fashion.

Comfy shaping for your tummy and behind. Spanx Shaping Thong

Hip Length Stretch Tank

This style of shapewear is worn underneath clothing. This tank top comes in a strapless style and a strap style. It is very basic but does a great job of sucking in the midsection. Women rave about this style as it is tight, yet comfortable to wear, and helps to suck in any imperfections in the tummy area.

Try this long tank with molded cups to define and shape the bust. Body Wrap Long Tank Shaping Cami

These are some of the best forms of tummy shapewear out on the market today. Experts continue to design and come up with new styles that will help make a woman feel confident and fabulous while wearing shapewear.