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How to choose the right bra size?

How to choose the right bra size

Finding the right bra size is a complicated process. There’s a lot more to know than just your body size. Different styles of bras and the shapes of their cups, the shape of your breasts and other parameters can greatly influence choosing the perfect fit that will emphasize your attractiveness and create comfort for the entire day. When wearing a bra, if you feel that its band moves on your back, the shoulder straps fall off your shoulders and the wires cut into the body causing discomfort and even pain, you are not alone.

80% of women do not wear their correct bra size. Why is this happening?

There are many reasons, but we should think about such important points as: Bra Size throughout a woman’s life can change six or more times. This may be affected by pregnancy, hormones, weight fluctuations, exercise, etc. Experts advise paying attention to the size of the bra when the woman’s weight changes by 3-5 kg, or 6-11 pounds.

Many women do not know the right way to put on a bra, which is why they choose the wrong size cups. A large number of websites (even popular stores!) give incorrect information in their size tables because there is difference between sizes of various brands. The size of the bra cup of one brand may be very different from the cups size of another brand in the same size and similar models. In addition, the sizes may vary in different models within the same brand. There is also confusion about the differences in sizes between countries.

Most stores have a small assortment of bra sizes in demand on offer, and the main purpose of the sellers is to sell. Therefore, they try to convince you to buy the size that is available. Sometimes the sellers are not professional enough to choose the correct size. Considering these circumstances, you should think whether you wear the right size and how to choose your perfect fit. The best option to find a first-class store with qualified personnel, but unfortunately, there are not so many of them. What to do in this case? The answer is simple – learn to choose the correct bra yourself. After all, you will be the one wearing what you buy. Also, it is worth remembering that your bra size, chosen correctly, will help you to keep your health and beauty. Some women do not know that stretch marks can appear on breasts and there can even be pain in the muscles of the back because of an incorrectly chosen bra.

How to choose the right bra size?

Traditionally bra size is calculated from the two measurements: size under the breast and bust size (fullest part of the breast).

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