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How to Care for Your Shapewear

At Classic Shapewear, we know that shaping garments are a wise investment, but they’re an investment nonetheless. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your shapewear looking and performing its best. When it comes to caring for these delicate garments, following a few general guidelines will greatly extend your collection’s overall longevity and effectiveness. We’re taking a look at some of the best suggestions for laundering and storing your shaping attire so that you can fittingly keep your undergarments in great “shape.”


  1. Washing


The key to washing your shapewear is all about striking the right balance. You’ll have to wash these garments fairly regularly in order to maintain their shapes. If you keep wearing a garment without doing so, the material will remain stretched out and won’t provide you with the same results that it did initially. Aim to launder each piece after wearing it one to three times, and layer undergarments beneath your shapewear to extend the time between laundry sessions.


When you do wash your shapewear, either wash it by hand or place it inside a lingerie bag or protector. These handy devices allow soap and water to flow to the garment with a protective outer layer that prevents snags and tears. If you use this method, set your washing machine on the gentle cycle using cold water for best results, and be sure to avoid overloading the bag. Items need to move freely in order to get properly cleaned. Always avoid chlorine bleach (it can destroy elastic), and never use hot water.


Underwire and gel-padded items should usually be washed by hand, because washing machines can prove too destructive for their delicate builds. Underwires may end up jutting out of the fabric, while gel fillers can become punctured and leak as a result. When hand washing, be sure to use warm water and a mild shampoo (like our Coquette Lingerie Wash) and avoid twisting or wringing the garment excessively.


  1. Drying
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As a general rule of thumb, avoid putting your shaping garments in the dryer. Excessive heat can damage the latex and elastic, and the last thing you want to do to your new shaper is ruin its shape. Lay these garments flat to dry instead, or hang them if you wish. While it is typically best to allow these delicate pieces to air dry, it is acceptable to use your dryer’s gentle cycle on the coolest setting if you’re short on time.


  1. Storing
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In order to best retain each garment’s shape, the best place to store your shapewear is in an enclosed drawer or closet cabinet. Hanging garments for extended periods of time tends to put strain on the straps and elastic, which can stretch them out. Since several types of shapers have hook-and-eye closures and zippers, these garments are best kept separated to avoid any snags or rips. Smaller items like bras and shaping panties can be folded into drawer divider compartments for a neat and tidy presentation. Full-length body shapers, shaping slips and bustiers are best kept in their natural shape, so avoid folding these if you can. Instead, lay them inside a drawer in a flat position.


How do you care for your shapewear? Do you follow the tips above, or will these suggestions change your laundry and storage habits? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!