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The days of wearing oversized, baggy, clothing in order to hide your large curves and lumps are officially over. Sexy shapewear is becoming very popular and taking over many female closets.

There is no doubt that the answer to the question, “Can Shapewear Be Sexy?” is yes. Many designers and brands are jazzing up and styling the new shapewear pieces to make them look more like a lingerie piece, rather than tight fitting, boring, correction shapewear. Not only are they designing the pieces to do their job, but also making them sexy and attractive looking. Many of these sexy shapewear items include: tops, bras, shorts, briefs, and panties.

Can shapewear be sexy? Hell ya!

Nowadays, many women are wearing shapewear to directly complement their outfits. Many of the correction pieces come with beautiful details such as lace, flowers, and bows, and also come in a variety of colors, featuring black, beige, white, and hot pink. This is a big step from the days where shapewear was only offered in multiple different shades of beige colors. This wide variety of colors makes it easier to match any correction piece to your outfit.

Many of the shapewear pieces that are offered can help a women feel sexy. For example: bustier bras can be worn together with a set of high waist shorts. This will help to shape your hips, thighs, and tummy, while creating some cleavage. Another example is a control top paired with matching panties. These can assist with defining a tummy and waist, while leaving you feeling sexy and good. These items are offered in sheer and lace material to help a women feel even sexier.

Sexy bustier bra by Freya

There is no need to be ashamed of wearing shapewear. Many famous females in the world such as Beyoncé, The Kardashian sisters, Jessica Alba, and Eva Longoria even have admitted to wearing it.

Designers are continuing to create pieces that are appealing to women, while doing their job. New sexy shapewear items that will soon hit the stores and market, include: pants, tights, and body shapers. Designers are creating these pieces so that they do not “compromise on style.” They will be offered in many different materials, styles, and colors.

By pairing your shapewear with the right outfit, you can create a sexy appearance that will leave you feeling great about yourself. You can enjoy a night out on the town and expect to get many views.