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Best Shapewear for a Tight Dress

One of the more challenging tasks is finding shapewear that goes unnoticed under the tightest of dresses. A snug fit is meant to showcase your body in the best way possible, but even a light meal can make this silhouette feel uncomfortable. No one wants to have her evening ruined by sucking in her stomach all night or pulling bunched fabric back into place every few minutes. Fortunately, many shapewear options are made for this type of garment to ensure that you spend your night enjoying yourself (and dinner!) rather than holding your breath and picking at your food.

Tights and Hosiery
For a streamlined silhouette without any unsightly fuss underneath, try tights and stockings. These staples even work with summer sandals thanks to toeless varieties, and they offer control top waistbands that keep everything in place.

Control Shorts

Skinnygirl Shapewear Slimming Hi-Rise Brief

Tame your core with a pair of control shorts. This discreet undergarment smoothes your upper torso as well as your lower back and abs to eliminate any unwanted bulges.

Butt Lifters

TruFigure Butt Lifting Panties
TruFigure Butt Lifting Panties

Your backside is an important feature that shouldn’t be ignored. If your derriere is sagging more as the years go by, or if you wish you had more roundness and shape, consider trying butt lifters. Padded styles give you additional plumpness, and cutout designs provide compression to slim your torso while lifting your assets.

High-Waisted Shapers
Create the illusion of perfectly flat abs with a high-waisted shaper that keeps your figure slim from your thighs and hips all the way up to your ribcage. These shapers eliminate visible back fat while keeping your waist nipped and cinched.

Body Shapers

Vedette Evonne Firm Compression Body Shaper

From compression bodysuits to garter dresses, body shapers are an excellent undergarment for tight dresses. These add a streamlined effect all over, which is ideal for outfits that are snug from top to bottom.

Strapless Shapewear

Strapless dresses require hidden support, and that can be challenging to find! Longline bras, brasselettes and strapless bodysuits are some of the best options for giving you lift where you need it most. As Carly Jacobs explains on Smaggle, nude, strapless shapewear dresses are essential items and will work with any piece in your closet.

Arm Shapers
Is your new dress a little too snug in the arms, or do you feel self-conscious about loose skin around your triceps? Arm shapers tighten and slim this area so that you can feel confident again.