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A Guide to Shapewear for Men

Women aren’t the only ones that want to feel and look their best these days. With all the perfect male figures in the media, men all over the world are wishing to look as good as they do. While exercising and diet may be the best option to achieving this kind of figure, shapewear can also play a role. Shapewear has become increasingly popular for men of all ages, all over the world. Shapewear helps to smoothen out those unwanted bulges and gives men that perfect figure they always have wanted to have.

Different types of shapewear for men

Within the last few centuries, shapewear for men has taken over the shelves as much as women’s shapewear. What started out as a few options for men has turned into an entire business that is continuously booming. Today, manufactures and companies are having a hard time keeping up with the many different styles and types of shapewear out on the market for men as they become increasingly popular. Some of the most popular types of shapewear for men include:

● The Mirdle
Similar to a girdle for females, a mirdle serves the same purpose for men. Mirdles are beneficial for men who feel that they are developing a spare tire or some extra fat around their waist or stomach area. There are multiple versions of the mirdle, some which can be worn like a full suit, around the torso, or a as a t-shirt.

● The Male Bra
Exactly as the name states, a male bra serves the same purpose as a bra does for women. Sometimes men tend to grow larger breasts then they hope to, especially if they are overweight. Therefore, this male bra acts to keep these breasts in place and also prevents the nipples from rubbing against clothing during any sports or physical activity.

● The Mantyhose
Mantyhose are tights for men. They are designed using the same or similar fabric to those used in women’s pantyhose. These help to keep men’s legs looking slim and also create benefits in those who have circulatory issues.

● Briefs and Boxers
Briefs and boxers were one of the first shapewear items for men to hit the shelves. Briefs and boxers help to compress men’s bottoms and enhance other assets. These can also assist in those who have a beer belly.

Tips for Buying Men’s Shapewear

Often times, men have much less experience in buying shapewear than women do. This can make it difficult when going out to purchase shapewear for the first time. Here are some tips that men should keep in mind when purchasing shapewear:

1) The purpose First, men have to determine their purpose for shapewear. What areas are they looking to target? What do they want to get out of the shapewear? These are questions that they will have to discuss before they purchase any shapewear.

2) Type After they determine the purpose for shapewear, they will have to determine the type of support they are looking for. For those with large mid-sections, they may want to try out a mirdle, while those who are looking to help smooth out their legs may want to try out the mantyhose.

3) Size Similar to the sizing of women’s shapewear, men have to ensure that they purchase the right size shapewear in order for it to properly do its job. Staff in the store can help to measure and fit anyone who is interested in purchasing shapewear, and there are many charts available online that can help to determine the appropriate size.

4) Comfort Comfort is key, and this is especially true when utilizing shapewear. Wearing a compression garment for multiple hours in the day can be very uncomfortable if it does not provide proper comfort to the body. Shapewear has to be made with comfortable material, such as a cotton or microfiber, which will provide this comfort to the body.